Coolroom with monoblock - available as a chiller or freezer

1.5m X 1.2m X 2.2m

1.4m X 1.8m X 2.2m

2.0m X 2.0m X 2.2m

2.0m X 2.4m X 2.2m

2.4m X 2.4m X 2.2m

3.0m X 2.4m X 2.2m

3.0m X 3.0m X 2.2m

  • 100 mm Polyurethane Panel.
  • Semi embedded Heated Door.
  • Pre-wired for a light
  • Pre-wired for door heater
  • Complete refrigeration package:
    • 240v plug in.
    • -10deg to +10deg operating temperature for chiller.
    • -10° to -25° operating temperature for freezers.
  • Ideal for holiday home, Batch, Lifestyle, home kill, or farmer/hunter.
  • Choose from one of our standard sizes or have us build a custom unit for you.

Coolroom with diesel powered generator

Ideally suited as an alternative power supply for outback application or where traditional power is not available.

Coolroom with diesel powered generator


  • 6KVA diesel powered generator with additional outlet
    ports to run lighting or heating requirements.
  • Fit out includes controller wiring and plug.
  • Built in manual and automatic separate control switch.

Nemon Controller

  • Solid robust construction.
  • Auto on/off switching.
  • Will fit most generators.
  • Negative power usage.
  • Operates by temperature control separate from main
  • Generator power controlled by temperature probe.
  • Generator on/off regulated automatically.
  • Generator will run when required and shut down automatically when temperature is set.
  • A full tank of fuel will last 7 days or longer, dependant
    on door openings.